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National Politics
2022-02 Follow the Money Trail
For almost the entire existence of the United States (and other countries), money exchanging hands has caused corruption and unwanted effects for a very long time. Today, this problem is even more serious. Big Tech companies, and other large organizations with lots of cash are able to lobby members of our government for their wishes. This leaves the common citizens at a disadvantage as it sways members of our government to not serve their consituents but instead their own pockets. This page contains information of this activity happening today.
2021-11 Message from President Trump on moving forward - Source: The Gateway Pundit; Offline copy of article
From the words of President Trump on November 10, 2021, on moving forward to protect American workers and families against the toxic bills coming from the Biden administration and uniting as one party.
2021-09 Political Memes
Thoughts of Americans of sad, but true events taking place.
2021-09 Analysis: The Biden Administration is Tearing Apart the United States
Ever since Joe Biden took office in early 2021, Biden and his administration has repeatedly caused much harm to the United States, and in some cases provided enough damage that could take years to correct and fix. Even 9 months in to Biden's term as president, multiple problems have arose and the mishandling of them has put the United States in its weakest position in decades or even more.
2021-08 United States withdrawal disaster from Afghanistan in 2021
In August of 2021, the Biden Administration executed its hasty plan to withdraw American troops from Afghanistan in an attempt to end our presence there after approximately 20 years. Unfortunately, the Biden Administration failed to continue in the footsteps of President Trump, who already started a well thought out withdrawal plan during his term as president. The Biden Administration instead came up with its own plan, that not only cost 13 American lives on August 26, 2021, it also started an additional series of events that will negatively affect the United States' ongoing war against terrorism, for many years to come.
2021-02 Facts about the 2020 Presidential Election you probably didn't know (in process)
Ever since President Donald Trump was first elected, we have seen that the mainstream media (what some call "fake media", or "false media") has been filtering the information and stories that they publish about the President, to target specific political and personal interests of their owners. In effect, they have shielded this information from the general public on events that are really happening. Thankfully, smaller and less known media sources have picked up the slack and have been publishing information that has been filtered by the big media outlets, but unfortunately many Americans are not aware of them. The list here has been published by these smaller sources, and has credible documentation to back up their stories.
2021-02 Great accomplishments of President Trump you probably didn't know
President Trump has shown over his term that he is passionate about the United States of America, and has helped to vastly improve our country's posture in many areas. Think about it: he achieved energy independence and kept fuel prices low, he improved foreign relations and during his term terrorism was quiet, he brought back our military and stopped foreign malicious activity, and the list just goes on and on. The White House published this document about the great accomplishments during President Donald Trump's 4-year span. On January 20, 2021, this list was promptly removed, but it can be viewed here.
2021-02 Companies that are performing censorship (and to avoid doing business with)
Today, companies across the US are performing forms of censorship against the American public more than ever. Even companies that have no reason to get involved in politics, have taken their views to political measures. This list contains companies that are performing forms of censorship or have taken actions against those supporting evidence of voter fraud and other issues that has substantial evidence and is being filtered from the American public. Media and businesses should be taking a neutral stance however this list contains those businesses that have taken political actions against America, and should be avoided from doing business with.
State of Michigan Politics

2015 Michigan Energy Code Amendments and their flaws
In 2015, the state of Michigan amended its energy code for residential construction. While the intent of the amendments would probably be to increase energy efficiency of new construction, the methods prescribed have a few flaws. The main flaw here is the minimum requirement for basement insulation for new construction. The State of Michigan has put together regulations on minimum amounts of insulated values for newly constructed homes that cannot be met without many difficult steps. In this case, the requirements of the State of Michigan caused extensive mold damage to a newly constructed home.