Analysis: The Biden Administration is Tearing Apart the United States


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Ever since the Biden administration took over the federal government in early 2021, many changes have taken place. For the first time, I now feel very unsecure as an American citizen, and threatened by how big and powerful the government has become. This was hit home recently when President Biden issued a statement that the Covid-19 vaccine will be mandatory, when he stated this would not happen 9 months prior. Never in my lifetime have I seen such an arrogant statement from a president of our great country, to the point that he even became angry with his own citizens during a speech. This is a new era of the Democratic Party being in power, and essentially trying to convert our once Democratic values in to a total dictatorship.

I, like probably most Americans, grew up trusting what I saw on TV and in the news as what was happening in the real world. Unfortunately, those days are gone. It is true that there have always been reports of news outlets covering up and posting stories that may have been a stretch, only for a followup story to be posted that contains a correction. But, never in our history have I seen a massive wide scale cover-up operation going on, and it all circles around vast amounts of money being transferred among hands between private individuals to big tech companies, to hide events that are taking place behind the back of American citizens. The rich have become richer, and have been able to throw money at companies to pursuade them. I was very skeptical of this type of activity at first, but the more I have read and seen, with real evidence, the more I have become aware of true events that are taking place that a majority of America knows nothing about. Thankfully, with the age of the open and free Internet, media outlets have surfaced that have been able to uncover events, obtain evidence, and publish them. However, these media outlets are simply underdogs in a large world of sueveillance and big money. These media outlets are not present on TV, where many Americans still turn to get their news. They are on the Internet and are not widely known, but contain powerful information that any common citizen can see and interpret their own opinions from.

The article below is my opinion on how things really are, from an ordinary American citizen's real point of view, without being censored by big tech companies. It contains information from the media outlets that are stepping up to show Americans what is really happening behind the curtains of our federal and state governments. All sources are documented.


When President Trump was sworn in as president in early 2017, a lot of things began brewing between the Democratic and Republican party. Trump brought in a new wave of fresh air to our federal government. Unfortunately, Trump himself can be a brash person, but at the same time, he is a business owner and knows that sometimes you cannot be cute and friendly with people. To many, this was a turnoff and many people would refuse to give Trump credit for anything positive and he was also constantly badgered by the Democratic party during his term. But, as president, he was able to get the job done, and very effectively. If somebody in his administration couldn't get the job done, he would find somebody that could. In the end, he became a very good president in our time because he ran our country like a business and was able to build up the posture of the United States higher than it had been in a very long time on many issues. Energy independence, foreign relations including peace deals with terrorists and relations dropped by previous presidents, a booming economy, and a whole list of positive activities for the American people were just the tip of the iceberg. The fact that he is not a career politician allowed him to connect to people better than any modern president. Remember, Ronald Reagan is often referred to as one of our greatest presidents of our time, and he was an actor, not a politician. Sure, Trump is a wealthy business owner, however he built his fortune the American way, from the ground up, took many risks and had many failures, but to some is a sign of what American is all about. Trump also often met with the working American citizens to talk about issues. This is what a true leader is all about.


President Trump hugging the American flag at CPAC 2019.


President Trump meeting with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, for the first time of any modern president of the United States.

On the contrast, when President Biden took office in early 2021, the character of the United States changed very quickly. Even though the Covid-19 pandemic hit during Trump's last year as president, President Trump managed to overcome the obstacles and the economy was well on its way back to normal from a large dip due to much uncertainty. Biden and his new administration began to point fingers are Trump for leaving them a mess that wasn't really there, and promoted the idea of "white supremacy" that had started to take on since the George Floyd event. The Trump administration promoted American greatness, and the Biden administration has promoted everything bad about America.

To get a better idea of how a number of serious issues are negatively affecting our country, let's look at each of the issues that Biden has introduced, in the first 9 months of his term below.


Reversal of Trump Energy Independence, and Dependence on Foreign Oil Once Again, Increasing Oil and Fuel Costs, Causing Supply Problems and Price Increases

Immediately after taking office, without warning, Biden signed an executive order to close down the Keystone Pipeline, instantly putting approximately 42,100 workers out of a job [00], and reducing the energy independence of the United States that President Trump had fought so hard to gain. Immediately after this executive order, gas prices started to go up and have been slowly increasing during 2021, with no price peak in sight. Also, this is sure to return the United States to the energy problems that were present during President Obama's term. Let us not forget the gas supply crisis during President Obama that caused a panic while Americans saw prices jump 200% or higher during winter months in 2012.

Shortly after signing the executive order to close down the United States' own Keystone pipeline, Biden went on to remove United States sanctions on and allow the construction of the Nord Stream 2 Russian/German oil pipeline [00a]. Biden also went on waive sanctions on Syria to allow an energy deal with Hezbollah terrorists that includes an oil pipeline through Syria to Lebanon.[00b]. These moves have all hurt the United States' position on energy.

Then, in November 2021, the Biden administration announced another initiative to shut down the Embridge Line 5 pipeline as well [00b2]. Michigan Democratic Governor Gretchen Whitmer had already ordered the pipeline to be shut down back in May of 2021, however existing court cases have allowed the pipeline to continue operating [00b3].

To make matters worse, on November 26, 2021, the Biden administration announced a proposal for a 50% increase on oil leases on federal property, furthering the high cost of oil and fuel [00b4]. The Biden administration also asked the Federal Trade Commission to conduct an investigation into oil companies for “anticompetitive behavior”, however all of this would have been avoided if Biden would have simply left the Trump energy independence policies in place so that the United States would not need to negotiate with foreign oil companies.

Unfortunately, the rising fuel prices also causes supply chain price increases since fuel is the primary means to move product. It's no doubt that the rise in fuel prices will also cause electric prices to also increase. Yes, some can argue that green energy is all great and will solve emissions problems, but green energy is not as cheap to produce as it is with fossil fuels. Just ask your local electric company which is cheaper and they will tell you this.

During President Trump's term from 2016 to 2020, we saw fuel prices the lowest in over 10 years or more, matching prices that were around before Obama's term. Remember, the prices spiked during Obama due to supply shortages, which Trump fixed by opening the way for the United States to produce its own fuels. As soon as Biden took office in early 2021, and after the Biden shutdown of the Keystone Pipeline, gas prices have been climbing way above the levels before Trump. In October of 2021, fuel prices have returned to highs of over 12 years ago. Even Biden's administration has admitted that energy prices may jump over 50% in the winter of 2021, compared to the winter of 2020.

Price of natural gas during President Trump and Biden (as of October 2021). Source: Trading Economics

Then, in October 13, 2021, after oil prices in the United States have spiked approximately 42% compared to the year prior, Biden went on to urge OPEC and allies to pump more oil to try and combat the rising price of oil [00c]. Again, by shutting down the United States' own supply of oil, has put the United States in an unleveraged position and reliance on foreign oil, the same situation during the Obama administration and before. Only President Trump has tried to separate the United States' dependence on foreign oil.

Sinking the United States Economy: High Rates of Inflation and Trade Disaster

Shortly after, inflation rates started to rise for the first time in many years. In fact, the amount of inflation happening is starting to reach record numbers and has been predicted to keep going for several years. [0] This, combined with the increase in gas prices, have caused the price of goods to also increase. This has put extra pressure on an economy that has been trying to recover from the Covid-19 pandemic for over 1-1/2 years and still going. And, the Democratic Party at the same time is trying to push through a $3.5 trillion "infrastructure deal", that has little to do with infrastructure. The amount of pork included in this bill is absolutely astounding, if one can read through all of its content.

In December of 2021, the rate of inflation has actually reached record highs for the entire history of the United States, at a rate of about 9.6% from November 2020 to November 2021 [000a].

In addition, the rapid rise of inflation in 2021, is also causing pressure on first time home buyers, who now cannot afford a new home due to the rapid rise in home prices that is occurring.

Also, adding to this already existing problem of inflation running wild, the Biden administration has allowed our national trade ports to become clogged, further increasing costs of goods in the United States as well as supply shortages in multiple industries [0a]. During Biden's term as president, foreign trade has begun to crumble, putting additional stress on the other issues that have not been handled properly. In September and October 2021, incoming ports of the United States have become backlogged with ships sitting stagnant in ocean waters. This has caused the supply of goods to become scarse and backlogged. In August 2021, the Biden administration stated they would monitor the situation and promised a resolution however months later the problem has actually worsened. Both John D. Porcari ("Port Envoy”) for the Biden administration and Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg have offered any explanation of the disaster at hand. Buttigieg has said his department was making some progress but mentioned publicly that "Some of these things have been years and years in the making". This statement is again an example of the Biden administration trying to blame Trump for problems that have been created by the Biden administration itself.

Container ships are anchored by Long Beach and Los Angeles as they wait to offload in clogged ports on September 20, 2021 near Los Angeles, California. (Mario Tama/Getty Images). Source: Breitbart News


Record Government Spending and Tax Increases

Excessive Federal Spending

Democrats have created what they call the "Infrastructure Bill" which comes to a total sum of $3.5 trillion in spending. Yes, $3.5 TRILLION, or $3,500,000,000,000 , and that's not an error. It has been said that only $1.2 trillion of this "Infrastructure Bill" has to do with improving roads, bridges, trains, water systems, power grids, and actual United States infrastructure. But what is disconcerting is that $2.5 trillion of this "Infrastructure Bill" has nothing to do with United States infrastructure. In other words, only a third of this bill would support improving actual United States infrastructure. So what does the other two thirds of this bill support? .One would need to read through thousands of pages to see, but it has been reported that there are many other hidden provisions in this bill that support climate change initiatives and more funds to welfare (not sure if this is to help pay for the thousands of immigrants that the Biden Administration has brought in from Mexico and Afghanistan?), but that it includes a lot of pork (hidden clauses that provide other services for financial kickbacks to the government). This would make government officials even richer than they already are.

With that said, never in the history of the United States have we seen such a large spending bill try to get rammed through. Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats are pushing for this bill, however there has been much resistance from both Republicans and Democrats and for good reason. What's even more concerning, the Biden Administration has proposed increased taxes on the wealthy and businesses to help pay for this bill. The most concerning part of this is the business tax portion, which could hurt the already hurting economy and put even more businesses out of business, as many have done during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Selective Tax Cuts for Wealthy and Tax Increases on Middle Class

The Biden administration has repeatedly said that the "Infrastructure Bill", or "Build Back Better Act", will ease costs on the Middle Class. But analysts have found that there are hidden provisions under the "reconciliation package" that would actually cut taxes for select wealthy Democratic donors, and increase taxes on the ordinary Middle Class Americans [0aa]. The issue is with the provisions in this bill that raise the State and Local Tax deduction cap from $10,000 to $80,000, which results in increased tax cuts for the wealthy [0bb] [0cc].

Tax cuts shown as a result from the State and Local Tax (SALT) deduction cap change as part of the "Infrastructure Bill" or "Build Back Better Act". Source: Committee For a Responsible Federal Budget

Further analysis finds that the "Infrastructure Bill" or "Build Back Better Act" will actually increase taxes on the Middle Class [0cc].

The Biden administration has also claimed that the "Infrastructure Bill" or "Build Back Better Act" will curb the rapid inflation that has started to appear in 2021, soon after Biden took office, however no specific details have been given. As an ordinary American citizen, I feel that the Biden administration would be better off fixing the root cause of the inflation instead of excessive spending which would only seem to make the inflation worse. It has been reported that the federal government is printing money to pay for the new excessive spending, which has then caused the inflation to rise rapidly. The inflation is real, as Americans have been seeing increased prices not only for common goods and services but also fuel which has been compounded by the Biden energy crisis as domestic oil production has been cut.


Record Number of Illegal Immigrants Flooding In (Border Crisis)

Immigration Crisis

In the earlier part of 2021 shortly after Biden took office, record numbers of illegal immigrants began to flood in to the United States through open sections of the US/Mexico border in the states of Texas, Arizona, New Mexico and California. Neither Biden nor Kamala Harris would acknowledge the problem, despite cries of help from the border states.

Furthermore, the Biden administration has not only allowed and helped the illegal immigrants get in to the United States, but has flown them to other states within, at the taxpayer's expense, again without any Covid vaccines. It has already been reported that cases of tuberculosis, Covid, and other diseases have already surfaced among these illegal immigrants that Biden has allowed to easily cross our borders. It has also been said that the Biden Administration has also given these illegal immigrants additional funding, despite not doing the same for even our own American veterans.

Even more concerning, it seems that none of these immigrants have received any Covid-19 vaccine and are not being mandated to receive it, which may further spread the Coronavirus in the United States. Neither President Biden nor Vice President Harris have visited the actual border wall on record, where President Trump visited frequently, and promoted vast construction of the wall to secure our borders from the illegal immigrants trying to cross in to the United States every day. In fact, in September 2021, many have challenged Biden to prove that he has visited the border within the past 10 years [1a].

Photo taken from a drone in Del Rio, Texas, in September 2021. Source: The Gateway Pundit


Photo taken in Del Rio, Texas, in September 2021, at the Rio Grande River. Source: The Gateway Pundit

Transporting Illegal Immigrants from the Border to Inside States, Hidden Flights and Bus Routes in the Middle of the Night, Using Taxpayer Money

In July 2021 alone, it has been reported that 213,500 migrants appeared at the border, not counting those who had already crossed in to the United States illegally [1b]. It has also been reported that around 117,000 of the 213,500 migrants were released into the United States, with little to no evidence that they meet the criteria to win asylum claims and against federal law which requires they be detained until a judge decides their asylum claim. This is another sign that the Biden Administration does not uphold the laws of our country as they stand today.

Common American citizens have been witnessing the immigrants on flights with destinations such as Florida, New York, and Maryland. Remember this: these immigrants came to the United States, many stayed illegally, and are being treated with food, shelter, and transportation, all paid for by the American taxpayer.

Photos taken at the airport and planes of Haitians being flown to destinations such as Florida, New York, and Maryland, from Del Rio, Texas. Source: The Gateway Pundit

To back up the witnesses that have reported seeing flights and busses running in the middle of the night that are transporting illegal immigrants, there is also video evidence that has leaked of this activity. [1fa] In addition, investigators have revealed flight schedules that show these flights to destination states [1fb].

In addition to the Biden administration opening up our own physical borders to the United States, the Biden administration has also reversed the Trump travel restrictions from countries that harbor terrorists [1c]. This has allowed immigrants and refugees to again reach the United States from countries that have high numbers of terrorists and a previous history of exporting terrorists as well.

As of October 2021, more than 3,000 refugees from countries that were on Trump’s travel ban were resettled and flown to internal states across the U.S. under the Biden administration, including these states below:

To put this in to perspective, during President Trump's travel ban, a little more than 11,400 refugees in total were resettled in the United States. The Biden administration has promised to bring in about 62,500 more of these refugees starting in October of 2021. To top it off, Biden also signed an order in place in February of 2021 that would reverse Trump's order which allowed states to decide if they wanted to allow these refugees [1d]. The signing by Biden now forces states to accept these refugees.

It has also been reported that the total number of migrants released in to the United States in October 2021 is around 60,000. During President Trump (in October 2020), this number was closer to 6,000. To make matters worse, 40% of the 60,000 would have been returned with the Trump era Title 42 CDC COVID-19 emergency order [1e].

In December of 2021, a study disclosed that under the Biden administration, the number of deported illegal immigrants has collapsed to the lowest level in over 30 years [1f]. The study, done by the Center of Immigration Studies, shows that the deportation levels have dropped almost 80% compared to 2020, and 90% compared to 2019.

Also, in December of 2021, it was also discovered that the Biden administration has been flying previously deported illegal immigrants back in to the United States that were returned to their home country [1g].

Payouts to Illegal Immigrants, Using Taxpayer Money

In November of 2021, the Biden administration announced possible payouts to illegal immigrants that crossed in to the United States during President Trump's Zero Tolerance policy [4a]. The payouts to these illegal immigrants has been said to be $450,000 per incident up to $1,000,000. Let us repeat this to make sure everybody understands; the Biden administration is considering paying illegal immigrants that crossed in to the United States illegally.

In addition to payments to the illegal immigrants, the Biden administration has enacted new rules to allow immigrants parole options to bypass trials, to allow Border Patril agents to release the migrants rather than deport them.

status in the two busiest southwest Border Patrol sectors. The program, known as Parole + ATD (Alternatives to Detention), will allow agents in the Rio Grande Valley and Del Rio to swiftly release migrants in to the United States, rather than deport them from overcrowded detention centers [4b]. This also opens options for illegal immigrants to obtain temporary work authorization.

Border Wall Crisis

Unfortunately, the Biden Administration's lack of support at the border wall has left the US border towns to fend for themselves. Many have called for help and have not received a response from the federal government. Some of the border states have given up on the Biden Administration and have started to work on their own plans using their own resources. Tension in these border towns has also started to rise, with the possibility of riots and stampedes as the number of illegal immigrants reaches in to the thousands. But either way, the situation at the border has reached very grim conditions with little hope of being resolved.

It has also been discovered that sections of the wall that President Trump worked tirelessly to build and protect our country from illegal aliens and criminals, has been torn back down during the Biden Administration term [2a]. Furthermore, along with wrecking equipment seen at the border wall, the materials from the torn down sections are being hauled away at the taxpayer's expense [2b], for an unknown purpose. This has further increased the enormous amounts of illegal immigrants entering the United States at the Mexico Border, and is costing the American taxpayers for a less secure border.

A section of the United States / Mexico border wall in Arizona, built by the Trump Administration, that has been torn down during the Biden Administration sometime close or just before August 2021. Source: The Gateway Pundit


A section of the United States / Mexico border wall in Arizona, where wrecking equipment has been spotted near holes of the wall torn down, during the Biden Administration, in August 2021. Source: The Gateway Pundit

Terrorist Attacks on United States Soil

Ever since the Biden administration flew in thousands upon thousands of Afghanistan refugees, the question has come up again and again, of how many terrorists were among the refugees. It has been reported that the checks of refugees at the time of boarding the flights was either hastily done, or not done at all.

Then, on October 29, 2021, law enforcement officials released statements that there were hightened ISIS threats at a Northern Viginia mall [3]. There are also reports that there are known ISIS tied individuals that were among the refugees, but unknown how many exactly [3b]. This should be sounding off alarms. An ISIS threat on a location on United States soil? For the first time in many years, we are witnessing terrorist threats at domestic locations. This is the reason that President Bush sent troops in to Afghanistan in the first place, and now, 20 years later, it seems the situation has gone in a complete circle and we are again back in the same situation that we were in 2001.


The Afghanistan Evacuation Disaster

Then, in August of 2021, one of the biggest events of the Biden presidence was the Afghanistan disaster where Biden ordered American troops to pull out of Afghanistan and leave behind ordinary citizens and billions of dollars of American military equipment to the hands of the Taliban. For the first time in modern times, the United States lost a war to terrorism. It has been said that this will start the domino effect of other losses, while the Biden Administration fumbles to manage the disaster. Not only did the Taliban receive the enormous amount of American military equipment, but they instantly seized the entire country of Afghanistan so that its condition returned to state it was in prior to 9/11/2001, before the terrorist attacks on American soil took place. This move by the Biden Administration forgot all about the thousands of lives of Americans, Afghans, and other countries such as Great Britian, France, and other allies that were lost in the 20 years of the war in Afghanistan, basically flushing that effort down the drain in a matter of a few weeks.

The Taliban celebrating with a parade of the left US equipment in Afghanistan. Source: The Gateway Pundit


Taliban military parade for its “Islamic Emirate Army” in the city of Kandahar on Monday November 8, 2021, using US military equipment left by Biden. Source: The Gateway Pundit

And that is not even the end of this situation. The Biden Administration has been said to have passed out blank visas, and bypassed paperwork checks by flying in thousands of Afghanistan refugees to the United States soil. Any ordinary person would have to ask, how many terrorists were included in these thousands of refugees that were allowed to enter United States soil? It will take time to know the truth, as many have said that now another 9/11 attack on American soil is basically inevitable at this point, and it's just a matter of when but not if, it will happen again.

It has also been published publicly by the US Air Force on October 14, 2021, that one of the flights in August 2021 from Afghanistan, carrying refugees, experienced a hijack attempt by 5 individuals on the flight [08]. This would easily back up the theory that tens, hundreds, or even thousands of terrorist may have been allowed to board flights that carried them directly to the United States.

To further the costs on American taxpayers, the Afghanistan refugees brought to the United States will also need resources now and in the future. Even after a few weeks of the refugees being placed in the United States, reports of crime have surfaced among them, including court trials and jail time (statements released by the Pentagon) [09]. Again, this further strains the American taxpayer to cover additional costs of these trials and prison time.

In November of 2021, the Biden administration announced that free work permits would be given to over 70,000 of the Afghanistan refugees as they are released in to the United States [09a]. The agency tasked with this work will be the Department of Homeland Security, which is ironic as there are grave concerns that there are likely terrorists among the refugees that are being given these benefits and placed on American soil. Giving out the free work permits will also take jobs away from Americans looking for jobs as well.

Then, in late September 2021, during Pentagon hearings with top military officials regarding the Afghanistan withdrawal disaster, multiple sworn testimonies (under oath) exposed contrasting information from what Biden has public stated. Three key contrasts (which some have called blatant lies), are:

All of this disaster could have been avoided if the Biden Administration had only followed the plan the Trump Administration had started. Which was a strategic removal of American troops, equipment, and backing of the Afghanistan government to keep the Taliban under control. And most importantly, the Trump Administration's plan did not include bringing Afghan refugees to the United States but rather allow them to live their lives in their home country of Afghanistan.

Starting in February 2022, leaked documents have shown that the Biden White House had no concrete plan for evacuation [09b].

Increasing Government Power and Decreasing the Power of the American People

The Covid-19 Federal Mandates

And now, in September of 2021, Biden made an announcement that the federal government would be mandating the Covid-19 vaccine on all Americans by forcing businesses with 100 employees or more to require vaccines or weekly testing. Effective immediately it was announced that all federal employees would be mandated to receive the vaccine. This is not only violates the rights of Americans, but would force those not comforable with the vaccine to lose their job. Biden was quoted as saying:

How do these words not sound like a dictator speaking? [10] In the same speech, Biden was clearly angry at the American people for not taking a vaccine that was just developed a year ago, and has not been tested for long term use or effects. Never have I ever seen a president of the United States so unprofessionally accuse its own citizens of wrongdoing, as if they are criminals for not taking the vaccine. Sure, the Pfizer vaccine is now FDA approved recently in mid 2021, but the advisory panel to the FDA rejected the vaccine. Something clearly doesn't add up here. Is the vaccine actually safe? This would not be the first time that the FDA has approved something, then retracted its stance. The long term effects of this vaccine have not been proven, and there are reports of ordinary healthy citizens getting ill and even dying from the vaccines. Also, why would Biden be saying that non-vaccinated people be harmful if the vaccine did in fact protect those that had it?

And, there is another glaring issue that Biden's administration has not been able to answer. And that is: Why is Congress and the United States Postal Service (USPS) exempt from these vaccine mandates?

In addition, the ripple effect of the Biden Administration's Covid-19 vaccine mandate for federal employees which includes the military, is forcing service members to resign. Imagine the effect on American businesses with a mandate such as this, with its employees being forced to resign because of Biden's vaccine mandate.

Even more alarming are the measures that the federal government can take against companies with fines or fees if they do not comply with the mandates. The Occupational Health and Safety Act of 1970 contains Section 17 that describes fines of a minimum of $5,000 and a maximum of $70,000 for businesses that "willfully or repeatedly" violate provisions of this act. In Biden's "Build Back Better" Act or $3.5 trillion bill raises these fines 10 times (10x) of what they were, to a minimum of $50,000 and a maximum of $700,000.

Page 168 of the September 2021 version of the "Build Back Better" or $3.5 trillion bill, indicating a 10 fold (10x) increase in fines to businesses.


Then, on November 4, 2021, the Biden administration announced planned inspections and heavy fines to push American businesses to comply with his vaccine mandate, with a January 4, 2022 deadline to comply [10a]. The Biden administration announced they plan on utilizing the Occupational Safety and Public Health to manage inspections and fines to businesses. This in no way, can help the already ailing economy. It can only hurt by forcing employees to resign, furthering the already existing issues on labor shortages. It has already been shown that the labor shortages have contributed significantly to the supply chain crisis that Biden created.

Again, unclear answers and of course the American public is confused and hesitant to move forward with something that is brand new. It's been the same story on the mask mandates where some claim the masks work and some don't. Lots of lies, rumors, and speculation have dominated during the entire Covid-19 pandemic, not to mention an untrustworthy government at the center of it all in the United States. And those doubtful of continuous lies from the government, the Afghanistan disaster is just one example, where Biden claims it went well with the evacuation, yet it has created a mountain of problems that the United States may never recover from, and has severely crippled its stance on terrorism.

Fact: The FDA has proposed not releasing data on the Covid vaccine for 55 years [10b].


Forming the Department of Homeland Security "Disinformation Governance Board"

The title of this new "office" of government says it all. Any time I hear the word "disinformation", or "misinformation" from our government, it signals a red flag that there is a coverup happening with something. These two words have been extensively overused for the past 2 years. Now, in April of 2022, the Biden administration is furthering the power of government to silence the American Public. This is another bold move by the Democratic Party to increase their own power, and decrease the power of the common American Public. More will come out as to what this new "office" will do, and how much damage it can ensue on the American people.


Creating Conflict Between States, Companies, Federal Government, and the American People

Creating Conflict Between States and the Federal Government

Even with all of the issues above, the Biden Administration has created additional conflict with states that are considered "red", or have Republican leadership. In the past and during his campaign, Biden has said that he can get all sides to work together and cooperate on issues. However, this couldn't be further from what is actually happening.

In September 2021, Biden purposely decided to limit the amount of Covid-19 treatments such as Regeneron, to states like Florida, who have stated opposition to the Covid-19 vaccine mandates that were stated a week prior.

There have also been words of conflict between the state of Texas and the Biden Administration regarding the stop to the US/Mexico border wall that was started by President Trump. Texas has announced that since the Biden Administration has refused to continue Trump's work, that it will try to take on resuming the border wall using its own resources.

And starting in September of 2021, Biden has repeatedly walked away from reporters without taking any questions regarding the multiple of issues at hand. It is clear that the Biden Administration is feeling the force of the frustration of American citizens, but chooses to ignore it. This further decouples the president from the common people, which is never a good situation, especially in the middle of a pandemic (Covid-19) and ailing economy.

Creating Conflict Between Companies and the Federal Government, and Encouraging Censorship

In January of 2022, Biden started to urge Big Tech companies to further censor American citizens [11a]. On January 13, 2022, Biden posted a clip on social media the statement:

"I make a special appeal to social media companies and media outlets — please deal with the misinformation and disinformation that’s on your shows. It has to stop.”

This has created further conflict and has encouraged censorship of public and private companies to shut down words from spreading among normal American citizens. Shortly after this statement came out from Biden, DirecTV cancelled the OAN (One America Network) channel from its catalog and is not renewing the contract with them [11a].

Lying to the American Public


Allowing Foreign Relations to Crumble

Not only has the Biden Administration created conflict within our own country between some states and the federal government, but foreign relations have been allowed to crumble apart with countries that we have been allies with for many years. Take these examples below.


Biden has damaged our good and long standing relationship with France. In September of 2021, the French recalled their Ambassador after Biden pushed them in signing a deal with the UK and Australia that affected France’s plans to sell submarines to Australia.

United Kingdom:

Biden’s press handlers rudely interrupted and cut off the UK’s Prime Minister’s chat with the press during an Oval Office meeting on September 22, 2021, for no known reason.

North Korea:

Biden has allowed the peaceful relationship that Trump formed with North Korea to fizzle apart. Trump visited North Korea leader Kim Jong Un and formed peace, for the first time in many years, and dealt with the tough situation of using nuclear energy by North Korea. Biden has again put the United States back in the situation before President Trump where North Korea was developing and testing nuclear arms and making loose threats to various countries.


Biden had the chance to prevent the Nord 2 oil pipeline from Russia to continue construction and operation, in early 2021. This would have put pressure on Putin to rethink about invading Ukraine. Unfortunately Biden did the opposite and endorsed the pipeline, helping Russia. In February of 2022, Putin ordered the Russian military to invade Ukraine and has threatened the United States with nuclear action if the United States gets involved. Biden has talked about sanctions against Russia however they have little to no weight behind them.


Hope In Moving Forward

Impeachable Terms

It has been said that Biden has racked up a list of impeachable offenses [12a]. This list should be examined however the corruption in the United States federal government runs very deep, and it's unlikely that any move to protecting the people and the good of our country will actually happen. The Constitution of the United States lies out these terms, however in modern times the Constitution is not being followed correctly as it was intended due to government corruption.



So where do we go from here? At the time of this writing, Biden is only 9 months in to his term, and already so many problems have erupted to hurt the United States in many areas and its people. Record setting inflation and continuous cost of goods increasing, military disasters, a poor Covid-19 policy that violates Consitutional rights, opening the borders to floods of illegal immigrants and terrorists, and the list goes on. This all sounds very grim, and it is, but there is one bit of hope to remember. The great citizens of the United States, that actually care about this country and recognize that many wars were fought and lives lost to retain our invaluable freedoms that are protected by the Constitution of the United States, greatly outnumber the number of government officials that are hurting this very country. Some have said that the government officials are "elites" and have separated them from the rest of the American citizens. You do often have to wonder why many of the federal government officials are millionaires, despite getting a high salary but not in the millions. One can only speculate personal kickbacks are at stake, in exchange for policy that provides benefit to private parties in some manner. Is another Civil War possible in modern times? Some say Biden is stoking the fire among all sides that creates a hostile environment. History has a way of repeating itself, just as our own Civil War of the 1800s and even back to the Roman empire. We can only hope that the United States has learned from these mistakes of the past, never to allow them again, but unfortunately when a government becomes so powerful that it no longer represents the will of the people, only bad things can begin to happen.



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