Facts about President Trump you probably didn't know

We have started to witness mass censorship by large and mainstream media outlets and big tech companies. In effect, with their mass exposure to the general American public, they have essentially filtered out positive information about President Trump, to satisfy their own political and personal interests of their owners. President Trump in effect improved many things for our wonderful country, The United States, yet many Americans do not know this because the large and mainstream media companies refused to report it.

Below contains information published by various outlets that describe the accomplishments of President Trump during his term.


  Trump Administration Accomplishments - 2016-2020
Source: Archived copy from Whitehouse.gov, January 2021
  President Trump’s Historic Coronavirus Response
Source: Archived copy from Whitehouse.gov, August 2020
  Operation Warp Speed Delivers Best Early Vaccination Rate of the G20
Source: Archived copy from Whitehouse.gov, January 2021