Open Source Software vs. Commercial Software:
Migration from Windows to Linux
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Additional Software: Mozilla Firefox, Thunderbird, and Sunbird

The software below are products that I chose to fit my everyday needs on the computer. I did the research and picked the most popular and best application for each task that I need to do. Below are my recommendations of software and why I chose them.


Web Browser - Mozilla Firefox
Mozilla Firefox is by far my top choice for a browser. This is truly a great browser, and very stable. I upgraded to the latest Firefox package from Fedora. However, I noticed that when I opened it all of the fonts (including the menus), were quite small. I found that it is because Firefox incorrectly detected the screen resolution. This seems to be an issue that I ran across because I have an older video card, I think. I haven't seen this happen on newer computers and newer video cards. If this happens to you, go to about.config (in the address bar), change "layout.css" to "0". Close and reopen Firefox and it should look a lot better.

Adobe Flash Support (for Firefox)
It can't get any easier than this: Download the RPM package from Adobe's website and install.

Sun Java Support (for Firefox)
Download .rpm.bin file from Sun's website and do the following:

Adobe Acrobat Reader
It can't get any easier than this: Download the RPM package from Adobe's website and install.

Importing Saved Passwords from Netscape

Importing Bookmarks from Netscape/Mozilla


Email Program - Mozilla Thunderbird
Mozilla Thunderbird is an excellent mail program. Linux has other alternatives, but I have found that Thunderbird has a wide array of plugins available that make it very feature-rich. If you find that you needed the resolution fix that I had to apply for Firefox, you can do the same for Thunderbird (Edit / Preferences / Advanced / Config Editor), and change "layout.css" to "0".


Calendar Program - Mozilla Sunbird
Mozilla Sunbird is a great program for handling all types of calendar events, notifications, tasks, etc. I won't go into detail on how to use this program, but if you install it, here's a tip that will allow you to run Sunbird in the background, so notifications and other things will work and keep you informed:


Other Visual Fixes
I made a few more modifications in order to get all of my fonts near or close to the same size, both in Firefox and Thunderbird, and other applications as well. My main issue was that the resolution for my video card detected by X11 was just slightly off. The resolution can be set in: System / Preferences / Look & Feel / Appearance / Fonts / Details. For instance, changing the detected value of 81 to 80 could clear up all applications so that they all show the exact same font size. Then to make things even more consistent, I changed the default fonts for applications:

Next, I installed the "msttcore-fonts-2.0-2" package (found on Google, it's not provided by Fedora) for Microsoft fonts. This adds fonts such as Times New Roman, Courier New, and others.

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