Open Source Software vs. Commercial Software:
Migration from Windows to Linux
An IT Professional's Testimonial


Kino and Cinelerra, the Video Capturing / Editing tools (Adobe Premier replacement)



I did some research up front, and it looks like Kino is one of the best applications used for doing video capturing in Linux. After using it, it definitely seems so... it is a very thorough and straightforward program, and is very powerful So, I installed it with the command: yum install kino. Be sure to use yum to install, as Kino needs a whole list of dependencies, and it would take quite a while to download them by hand and install.

Also install the “lame” package from RPMFusion to get the MP3 compression support with Kino.

Editing Kino export functions (each export option runs command-line programs in the background):



This program is rumored to be quite powerful and right in line with Adobe Premier. I have not yet had the chance to test it out but I will post the results soon!


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