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Gens (Sega Genesis Emulator)

If you ever had a Sega Genesis back in the day, you can now relive the games you used to play! Gens is a Sega Genesis emulator, and will open any Genesis ROM downloaded from popular ROM websites. Just search for your favorite game ROM file on Google, and open it with this emulator.

I used to also use Gens on my old Windows XP machine, and it worked good except for the Microsoft Sidewinder gamepads that I had. They would randomly stop working from time to time. When I installed Gens in Linux, I could not get the Microsoft Sidewinder gamepads to be recognized by Gens, even though the gamepads worked OK in Linux. So I copied the "input" section from my Gens config file from my Windows XP box and they worked perfectly after that. I posted the "input" section of the config file below. I also ended up getting some Logitech Dual Action Gamepads as well, and needed the same "input" config file section below to get them working.


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